November 28, 2015

Review: Edens Paradise Raw African Black Soap

 Hi my dream catchers! I often used cleansing oil, oil based makeup remover or makeup remover wipes. I had never tried using soap for removing my makeup since it is a bit harsh on my skin especially some makeup can't be remove by simple washing with water like waterproof makeups: mascara and eyeliner. Ms. Cris of Edens Paradise sent me this soap as a freebie. She says it's a great combination with the emulsifying cleansing oil as well. This is Raw African Black Soap aka "Youthful Bar"
Price: PhP 299.00/100g-120g
You can order thru their website or their main or thru their resellers
Product Description:
Raw African Black Soap from Ghana!
Natural and unique soap that suits all skin types! Best for problematic skin, acne prone skin, oily skin, blemishes, freckles and skin itchiness!
`Great make up remover
`Raw soap
`Made by combining potash from cocoa pod ashes, plantain ashes, shea butter, palm kernel oil
(may contain traces of honey and propolis)
`We named it “Youthful Bar” because its like you had “revlite” session after using this wonderful soap!
It actually erases/reduces spots! marks! and freckles! everytime you wash your face! 
Shea butter, cocoa pods ash, plantain ash, aloe vera, palm oil
 So, it weighs around 100g-120g since it doesn't have a symmetrical shape. It looked like a mashed soap.
BTW, It smells really nice. Plus, I've used this many times already and it doesn't melt fast.

my "all-natural" makeup look

after washing my face using the Edens Paradise Raw African Black Soap
 It removes makeup very well without the need to use of cleansing oil or any makeup remover. Even the waterproof mascara was clean off. Plus, I also noticed that it isn't harsh and it moisturizes the skin. I feel that it softens the makeup because of the ingredients it has that's why it's easy to cleanse.

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