November 30, 2015

Review: Krave Triple-P Whitening Mask

 Hi my dreamcatchers! If you need a mask that does everything for you then you need this product in your life right now. haha Krave Cosmeceuticals Triple-P Whitening Mask
Price: PhP 249.00/100ml
Where to buy: Kraveminerale
Product Description:
 Our unique formulation includes green papaya that effectively exfoliates & lightens the skin as much as the ripe papaya does. Combining these 3 Ps with the spot & blemish control ability of witch hazel, they work synergistically to give you one of the best face masque your skin will truly crave for.
Apply evenly on the face avoiding the eye area. Leave for 15 minutes or until dry. Wash with water.
 This power mask helps to
  •  Tightens pores.
  • Relaxes skin tissue and the "banat" effect once it dries up. It gives a mini botox.
  • Lightens skin complexion cause of papaya orange, green and pineapple extracts.
  • Showers skin with moisture.
  • Helps dries up pimple fast.

 Over-all thoughts:
 It is an affordable product for an 100ml tube it costs for PhP 249.00 only. I love that it has a witch hazel ingredient because is a natural astringent. And whenever there's a witch hazel on it, my skin loves it. My blemishes diminished and lightened my pimple marks.Plus, I love the tightening effect it gives. It is not irritating at all. More over, it is USDA organic and paraben free.

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