November 20, 2015

Review: Nature Essentials Organic Hydrating Matte Lipsticks New Shades!

 Hello my dreamcatchers! Another lipstick swatches from the amazing organic hydrating matte lipsticks of Nature Essentials! Yey to their new shades. For the product description and more details about this lipstick line go here.. -->> CLICK HERE <<-- this is not a spam lol. :))
You can avail these shades thru online orders and thru their upcoming bazaars
Arm Swatch
Classy Lyn
A hot pink shade with a slight bluish undertone on it. It's comparable to MAC's Flat Out Fabulous. I'm not sure if it suits all skin tones but definitely fair to medium skin tones will rock this shade as it intensifies your face and makes it even brighter. Named after @makeupnurse_lynvidallon on IG
Sultry Say
 A dark red wine shade. Great for dinner setup, office and date nights. As the name goes, it is a sultry looking shade. Named after one of the famous pinay youtuber/online influencer Lindsay Artillero or +saytiocoartillero

Did you like the new shades? Have you checkout the first 5 shades. Dont forget to check out the CLICK HERE on the top part of this blog for a direct link to my previous review of the lipsticks.
Have you tried any of these organic shades? Share on the comment section below.

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