November 01, 2015

My Belkin Wishlist

Hello my dream catchers! As a blogger, a youtuber and a entreprenurse. My phone is always busy! When I received this in my email. I was like "Oh my! I need these in my effin life! These are like my physiological needs that should be added to Marlow's Hierarchy Of Needs! lol. Kidding aside, This is really a MUST HAVE for me. Actually, not only one but I'll list 5 Belkin products that I want for my birthday today! yesss!..It's my birthday today. yooohoo..
Before I head to my wishlist, you can also do this if you're registered to nuffnang. Just head over to this link --> and check out the items there.

First on my wishlist is Belkin Mixit 4000mAh Power Pack (black) because I don't have enough time to be a wall-hugger. 
 Next on my wishlist is Belkin Mixit 4000mAh Power Pack (Pink). Yes! I want 2 power bank because 1 is not enough. 
Third on my wishlist is Belkin Universal Window and Dash Car Navigation Mount for Smartphones (Black). Because as a vlogger/youtuber, I want my phone to be stable or a little less shaky when filming inside the car.
Next is Belkin Mixit 1.2 Meter Lightning Sync/Charge Cable (Pink). Ofcourse, If I'll be having a pink power bank then I need to have a cable that matches the color.
 So I want something for my apple gadget and samsung gadget so I also need this one Belkin Micro USB Cable with Lightning Connector Adapter (Black).
So, if I'm the one who'll pay for all these gadgets my total is PhP 6,650! gosh!! haha!
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Don't forget to check out other belkin products available at Lazada

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