November 08, 2015

Review: Desires Signatures Perfume "Paris Hilton"

 Hello dream catchers! At first, I was really hesitant to do a review on this because like seriously, I don't know how will I describe everything especially the scent. haha. I honestly telling you now that it's so hard for me so please bare with me.
Desires Signatures Perfume a seller of inspired scents from famous branded perfumes.  
I am super thankful to Ms. Desiree (the  owner) that she generously sent me 2 perfumes which are the Clinique's "Happy" and Paris Hilton's "Paris Hilton" (Both are her best sellers). I forgot to tell her that I have an issue with some scents that may trigger my allergic rhinitis and thankful that I received these two(2). I included Clinique's "Happy" on my birthday giveaway! Link HERE.
Packaging: Received in a fancy purple sack. Inside is a box that I super like because of the holiday vibes.
Inside the box, is the perfume. I love the gold-ish cap and pump. Super perfect for this holiday season.
I also love the label. It's so simple yet so classy.
credits to the PARIS HILTON website
Above is the original Paris Hilton perfume which has a description of frozen apple, peach nectar, freesia, mimosa and more define this sexy signature fragrance from Paris Hilton, with added pheremones for sensuality and allure. Feminine and flirtatious, this is the perfect perfume for romantic evening out and casual everyday wear alike. It estimated costs for about PhP1,400-1600/100ml depending on the tax.
While this one,has perfectly copied the scent of Paris Hilton. Thanks to Ms. Desiree's formula.
I had the original before and smelling this made me remembered how much I love "Paris Hilton" perfume and you can get this for a very affordable price. For PhP 449.00 only, you can have the Paris Hilton scent in 60mL. It is also available in 35ml that costs for PhP 299.00 only.

Below, other perfumes you can choose from for HIM and HER
 I actually requested a scent that I wanted. I can't wait for it. yiii!!!

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