December 21, 2015

Review: GoOat & Moringa Shampoo & Conditioner

Hello my dreamcatchers! You know the how damage my hair is from my previous post of the amount of hair color I dyed my hair. And, my hair had been damaged after that. The price I have to pay for abusing my hair. But, it's in a best state now. I had my hair treated before and it somehow helped to remove the dry areas. Ms. Favia of Leiania House Of Beauty sent me a lot of products including these hair shampoo and conditioner. Beforehand, I was planning to buy moringa shampoo cause my friend told me it works for her hair and I'm so glad that I have these from Leiania HOB.
What? GoOat & Moringa Family Conditioning Shampoo and
GoOat & Moringa Nourishing Conditioner
You can order thru Leiania Facebook Page
When I started living here at Isabela, I knew right then that I'll be able to try new food and a lot of veggies. And I wasn't wrong, because one of their main gulay is "Malunggay". It's everywhere around the house and they make it as sabaw and malunggay or moringa has a lot of benefits.
- Anti bacterial
-Anti oxidants
-Smart food
-Lowers blood sugar
-Prevents hair fall and hair loss
-Adds hair volume and hair thickening
-Moisturizes scalp
-Fights split ends and dandruff

GoOat & Moringa Family Conditioning Shampoo
Price: PhP 250.00

Product Description:


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It has a watery consistency and there are moringa extracts. It smells really nice as it is mixed of goat milk and moringa and also aloe vera. It's very soothing. This shampoo makes my hair tangle free and it actually removed my dandruff on my scalp since it's super cold here in Isabela.

GoOat & Moringa Nourishing Conditioner
Price: PhP 250.00

Product Description:


It has a thick consistency like other drugstore conditioner. It has the same scent with the shampoo. I love how it made my hair soft and bagsak to the point I didn't need to brush my hair.

Before-After(damp hair)-After(dry)

Will I purchase? YES!definitely.

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