December 15, 2015

Review: Hermosa Skincare Organic Papaya Whitening Body Scrub

 Hello my dream catchers! How are you? I so love December! Even if everyone's busy 'cause of gift hunting and traffic jam. lol Anyway, nothing connected to my today's post. haha. From Ms. J of Hermosa Shoppe, I received this Organic Papaya Whitening Body Scrub and other more products which I already posted on my instagram account.
Organic Papaya Whitening Body Scrub
Price: PhP 250/300g
Available online
 Product Description:
Organic Papaya Whitening Body Scrub will refresh and exfoliate your dull skin away with powerful antioxidants to provide skin soothing properties aid in skin renewal and protect against environmental toxins. 
Direction of use: 
Massage in circular movements over your body while in the bath or shower to help remove dead skin cells and boost circulations.
It has a soft texture. The beads are separated and not harsh on the skin.
Body scrub is not new to our routine because it helps to remove dead skin cells, exfoliates and hydrates skin as well. This body scrub has a legit smell of papaya extracts and has an aromatic therapy when using it. Not only that, it helps to boost blood circulation and increase and correct the flow of blood because of the circular application or scrubbing mismo. It has the lotion feel like after rinsing leaving my skin so smooth and soft that I don't feel the need to use lotion at all.

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  1. This sounds like a great product, I bet the scent is amazing :))


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