December 01, 2015

Review: Nature Essentials Milk Salt Scrub

Hello my dream catchers! So happy with this one. Another product from Nature Essentials in its new design. It's the Nature Essentials Milk Salt Scrub. This is not a new launched product and this isn't also the regular size. The Milk Salt Scrub regular size is 200g and this 50g is for their Christmas package only.
Where to buy? Nature Essentials online/reseller/stores 
Product Description:
Formulated with pure milk and natural dead sea salts that provides nourishment to the skin. It removes dead skin epidermal cells and other dirt deposits from the skin. It is very effective in absorbing oil residues. Use regularly and you'll definitely notice a glowing and clearer skin.

Milk And Dead Sea Salt
 Apply on wet skin and massage gently
Overall thoughts:
`Smells like baby powdered milk with a hint of salt. hihi
`It removes dirt deposits and sloughs off dead skin cells
`It gives a radiant and glowing skin after use
`The milk formula treats and makes your skin smooth and supple
`Continues use will give you a whitening effect especially the neck,UA, elbows, knees and "singit" areas hehe
`This one is mild because I tried other milk salt scrub that hurts my skin
`It is also good for skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, acne and dermatitis

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