December 27, 2015

Review: Skin Potions Snow Berry Sleeping Cream Mask

 Hello my dream catchers! Another amazing product from Skin Potions. If you love applying creams and mask then definitely you'll get over with your current products and stick to this one. It's amazingly effective.
What? Skin Potions Snow Berry Sleeping Cream Mask
Price? PhP 450.00/50g
Ongoing Sale Price Until January 4 2016? PhP 315.00
Available online and retail outlets
Product Description:
 A unique product that targets dark spot, pimples, freckles, dark areas, pimple marks, pimple scars, stretchmarks, sun spots, uneven skin tone, insect bites. Smoothens skin, lightens underarm, bikini area and brightens dull skin tone. Acts as make up primer as well! Pore filler and Pore minimizer! Geared with SPF 45 for your daily sunblock protection! Plus a bonus of Mattifying and instant whitening effect! With a yummy scent of Strawberry and Milk!
Apply ample amount onto your skin. Spread evenly. Apply once to twice a day.
 Active Ingredients:
Snail enzyme filtrate, Aloe Barbadensis, Tomato Extract, Rice Bran Oil, Lemon Peel Extract
Contained in this cute pink plastic tub.
Smell: Like strawberry and milk
 First, the packaging is super cute and PINK. ugh. I'm so sold with it packaging pa lang and then when you open it up the scent of strawberry will fill your senses. It has the most sweet aromatherapy you need. 
I said that this is amazingly effective. First 2 days that I'm using all I notice that it has a brightening and fresh effect after use since I only applied thin layers. It made my face a bit clearer and radiant. I tried applying a thick layer on 3rd and 4th day and the day after I saw micro exfoliation especially on dry areas and on my pimple marks. Now I see that it's getting lighter and my skin becoming more radiant. I love that in just a few times applying this mask, there's a fast effect and results. This is a must have in your skincare routine if you want your breakouts to be gone before 2016! :)

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  1. Oddly, it's named sleeping cream D: but I'm interested. I'm kind of experiencing nonstop acne these past few months. The scars are driving me crazy :((( Thanks for this post ! Definitely trying this.

  2. @jessica tanzo,i recently had breakouts too😢 eskinol with clindamycin plus snow berry cream wiped them all out😍

  3. I've been using this product for almost a week now, and it's giving me breakouts. I don't think this product is for everyone. And I also felt a 'stingy'sensation while it's on my face, was it normal? have you felt it too?

    1. Me too. Felt really bad, naexcite pa naman din ako. Before using onti lang pimples ko, habol ko kasi yung rosy glow. Then after two days use, dumami pimples ko. Ginagamit ko parin kasi baka nilalabas lang lahat ng pimples, still giving it a chance. Pero i can feel a few stings near the eye area. Sana gumana huhu

  4. I use that product then my whole face getting red, is it normal?

  5. May fake po bang products ang skin potion? na coconfuse kase ako sa packaging na nabili ko or iba lang talaga sa picture?

    1. as far as I know wala naman fake na skinpotions,, ask mo na lang sila mismo not sure if may nagbago sa packaging ..

  6. Is it normal po ba to feel that stingy effect when applying this? Tapos medyo parang mag ppeel off yung balat ko pero dun lang sa may mga blemishes pati yung stinging effect sa may part lang ng blemish. I use this with tomato serum btw.


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