December 23, 2015

Review: Skin Bliss Gold Luminance Glutathione

Hello my dreamcatchers!
I do not deny the fact that I am a glutathione supplement user. Soaps, lotions and creams are my maintenance to keep my skin fair and even. Have you heard Skin Bliss Organic? Probably Yes 'cause I've reviewed and shared some products from them previously like their DD Cream and their Snow Glow Glutathione Capsules which I received a lot of inquiries because they thought I was a seller and it's actually the most asked product talaga from my blog. And now, their newest...
Skin Bliss Gold Luminance Glutathione
Price: PhP 1400.00/30 soft gel capsules
Product Description:
Comes in a bottle and the capsule is a soft gel type and the color is almost gold.
How it looks like
Supplement Facts:

I finished the bottle after 45 days since some days I forgot to take one. haha
 Can you notice the difference on my hair? haha! kidding aside. I'm already fair and I didn't believe that I could get any fairer but I did. Though, my main purpose of using this supplement is to have an EVEN skin tone and lessen the redness and blemishes of my face. Not only that, it also helped me to heal my skin allergy.

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