December 17, 2015

Review: Skin Potions Lip Candy Balms

 Hello my dreamcatchers! I am such a sucker for lip products that's why I'm so happy when Ms. Jonah and Ms. Aileen handed these to me when we visited and saw them at Manila Sundance Bazaar. It was the first time I met them too and they're so lovely. The owners reflect their brand perfectly.
What? Skin Potions Lip Candy
Price? Php 180.00
Available online and resellers and seleScted malls
SKIN POTIONS MAIN 1 handled by Ms. Jonah
SKIN POTIONS MAIN 2  handled by Ms. Aileen
 Product Description:
Moisturizing lip balm that will leave your lips pigmented and soft the whole day. Made with organic and natural oils and waxes that penetrates deep within. 
Shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil and fruit pigments
The Skin Potions Lip Candy Balm has seven(7) colorful shades from nude, plum, orange, pink and reds.
At first, I'm disappointed that not all colors are pigmented as what they look like on the tube but then I realized I'm not the only one who likes everything to be bold and rich. I've realized that they're also suitable for children like my niece who has been determined on the first day she saw these that she wants the light shades so she can wear even at school.

Let's break each shade down
Baby Aurora
A pinched pink color. You can use this as base before applying lipstick or you can use it also after lipstick application as coat.
A photo posted by Karen Liz | Dream Catcher ☁ (@karenlizescobar) on

Hello Plum
 Has a light touch of plum and pink on it. I really thought it would look like as I see it.

Tangerine Spice
Has a touch of brown and a spice of red. Almost burgundy in color.

Cherry Bitten
 A toned down red with a wine color undertone

California Dream
 A true orange color. Such a Katy Perry shade which is bright and cool on the eyes too. I'll definitely wear on summer

Snow White's Kiss
 An apple red with pink undertone. Not too rich in color but it is a wearable red that you can use for your everyday look.
A photo posted by Karen Liz | Dream Catcher ☁ (@karenlizescobar) on

 Strawberry Shortcake
Saving my fave on the last spot because it's the most opaque and lovely color. Such a great barbie pink color makes me feel so young and teenager peg. You might mistook it as a lipstick.
`Has a variety of colors
`Wearable everyday


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  1. Snow White Kiss lang meron ako jan, but lagi ko dala sa makeup kit ko. :D Super pigmented and light sa lips kasi :D Lucky you have all colors hihi

    1. haha fave ko ung strawberry shortcake. pigmented din grabe. haha parang lipstick na nga e.

  2. Hello :) how long do they last? :) thanks


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