December 04, 2015

Review: Zenutrients All Is Well Balm

Hello my dreamcatchers! I've been sick lately because of sleep deprivation and because I'm infront of my laptop or my phone when I'm not on duty. My head hurts or my migraine hits whenever I'm too "babad" writing or editing videos but what can I do I love it even if it hurts. lol #hugot. Thankfully, I'm saved by this product. It is Zenutrients All Is Well Balm
Price: PhP 234.00
Bought: Landmark, Trinoma
I know we are accustomed of the most known brand "V" rub. I also use that before but then when I became an organic/natural user my skin became a little sensitive that my skin were red after application of the V-rub and it bothered me a lot. Thankfully, we have this Zenutrients All Is Well Balm. It has the same features and benefits but this is milder for me. I don't get redness on my skin nor itchiness.
Product Description:
The ultimate all around wellness product. Breathe in for headaches, rub on chest for coughs & colds, apply to temples when dizzy, inhale for travel sickness, or use for a moment of peace during a stressful day. Safe for your kids too. Made with eucalyptus, lemongrass, peppermint and other great stuff.
Overall thoughts:
I love this topical treatment. It relieves my cough and congested chest. It soothes my aching muscle pains. It relieves my MIGRAINE. I love inhaling this too when I have runny nose or if I have my allergic rhinitis every morning lol! I like it when the balm is applied on my back like it treats everything and relaxes me to have a sweet sweet sleep. Not only that, it can be use as a skin moisturizer and it can diminish your pimple marks. How amazing is that, right?
Cracked heels? When you're about to sleep apply a thick layer of balm on your heels and feet and then wear socks overnight. The morning later, remove socks and wash your feet with warm water.

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