January 26, 2016

Review: FaithHopeLove "AMP" Soap

 Hello my dream catchers! Uploaded a lot of makeup reviews recently. And it's almost the end of January and I just finished this soap that I started using around Jan.5(?).
What? Argan Mulberry Peppermint Soap
Price? PhP 150.00/100g
It is contained in a properly labeled square box. Not your usual rectangular shape soaps.
You can already smell it even you haven't opened it yet

I love the contents/ingredients of this soap. I think I'm lucky that I don't have a sensitive skin that breaks out easily from trying different kinds of soaps(knockknock).
Benefits of using AMP soap
The AMP soap consists of different healthy ingredients that you need for your skin. The argan which is an antioxidant that helps skin hydrates and moisturizes skin that's why whenever I used this I felt the smoothness over my skin. The mulberry is anti aging too that helps lift skin that's why there's this tightening effect after usage while the peppermint ingredients is antibacterial that helps the skin detoxify and tone so basically you'll experienced the cooling effect and a relaxing feeling.
It is also a great lightening soap. It is so gentle on the skin and I didn't feel any irritation at all.
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