January 02, 2016

Review: Sooper Beaute Contouring Kit

 Hello my dreamcatchers! Hihi You know I'm such a sucker for contouring kit. Contouring & highlighting is even part of my daily routine. I mean simply contouring my nose and adding highlights over my cheeks to give dimensions on my round face. 
What? Sooper Beaute Contouring Kit
Price? PhP 850.00
Available online @sooperbeaute and retail stores

Product Description:
 Create facial dimension with the contouring kit. Comes in a dark tone to shade large facial areas and a lighter tone to highlight facial features. Cheat sheet included too.
 Cheat sheet:
 The first tip for contouring and highlighting is determining your face shape. Especially for contouring is knowing where the hollows of your cheeks and which areas to apply contour or the fish thing look. Highlighting is easy. Just look at the high points of your face.
Housed in a compact mirror. Powder is divided into two(2) which is the highlight and contour. On the bottom you'll see its ingredients.

Highlight: A fine matte off white color. It lacks shimmers but it's okay cause you can use it everyday.

Contour: I love this neutral brown color which creates a perfect shadow

How I Contour & Highlight

It's actually quite pricey but then it has natural ingredients. Better wait for there sale or promos. hihi. Any, I love that it has a mirror into it. I see a lot of highlight and contouring products without the mirror. Plus, Sooper Beaute always amaze me with their chic packaging/label. With the powder per se, I like that it isn't chalky so there weren't a lot of fall outs. I don't mind that the highlight powder lacks shimmer 'cause it makes the outcome natural. It enhances and brings out my features, slims my face (even a bit) and sculpt my face naturally.

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  1. I was a bit worried when I saw how dark the bronzer is but on you that looks completely fine!

    Mika | La French Connection

    1. it's not too dark. it's actually a great brown shade for contouring

  2. I like the thought of having the cheat sheet in the package. Not really a pro in doing contour but i like to experiment when there's a guide . :) | http://candiceamoranto.com

    1. yes! Im not really a pro too. I just know how to contour my own face


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