February 22, 2016

Review: Avon Superextend Infinitize Mascara

Hello my dreamcatchers! Who else has a tiny lashes like mine!? raise your hands! Err! Asian peeps has naturally tinny winny lashes and my mom didn't trim my lashes when I was a baby. huhuhu
What? Avon Super Extend Infinitize Mascara
Price? If I remember it correctly, I bought it for PhP 300.00
Where to buy?  Bought it from an Avon dealer
click photo to enlarged and to zoom
This Avon Super Extend Infinitize Mascara has a orange tube with slight glitters that makes the tube shines.
 It has very as in "killer" bristles! haha I mean they're so spiky.
Here are before and after photos..
I didn't curl my lashes here so I can see the difference on how much it will extend my oh so tiny lashes. Obviously, the spikes touched my skin that's why there were smeared products on my lash line.
I saw my friend used this and she has great lashes and it extends really well. Unfortunately for me that the product didn't really stick to my lashes. Therefore, that's the result. Yes, it didn't work for me that's why I'm super disappointed. I felt cheated. haha! It didn't give any justice. err.. I just want everyone to know that it may work for you but obviously didn't for me.

Have you tried this?

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