February 08, 2016

Review: Gold Of Morocco Bearberry Eye Cream

 Hi my dreamcatchers! It's been awhile since I last reviewed a product for my dark circles. This has always and forever been my problem since my work has shiftings. Even I use beauty oil, it lessens and then it comes back after a 12mn to 8am shift. huhu. So, I hope this new product will help me relieve my dark under eye area.
What? Gold Of Morocco Bearberry Eye Cream
Price? will update
Net wt.? 50g
Product Description:
Packed with nature’s best kept secret, Moroccan Argan Oil, a powerful antioxidant, rich in Vit E & Collagen that increases the skin’s flexibility & strength. It restores moisture & provide a barrier around the eye to help diminish wrinkle. Added with the potency of Bearberry beta arbutin for an all natural spot eye treatment, blemishes and bags under the eye. May also be used all over the face & neck area. Glow & be radiant!
Housed in a wide container. The cover is plastic while the body is more glass like.
Benefits of Bearberry & Argan
`Powerful whitening
`Treat freckles, age spots & alleviates vitiligo
`Removes stubborn skin pigmentation
`Increases cell turn over rate
`Excellent antioxidant
`Fights free radicals
`Act as a natural sunscreen
 Scent: I don't know what's the scent of bearberry but when I smelled this one it smells like flowers. It doesn't have any irritating nor overpowering scent.
 Consistency: It has a medium-thick creaminess. It doesn't slide down on my cheeks. It stays good on my undereye area which I love unlike beauty oils that slides down.
 First Impression:
I like the consistency just like what I've said that it didn't slide down. I felt a bit of sting on the area where it has the cream but it is not irritating naman and fades after a while. I think I applied too much but then I just leave it overnight. Then, the morning after my undereyes are a little brighter than usual. I don't want to conclude anything yet on the effectiveness of the product. Please come back after a week as I will update this from time to time. :)

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