February 18, 2016

Review: Sofia's Face And Body Cream

 Hello dreamcatchers! Why wait for summer to use sunblock lotion or any creams? Our skin needs to be protected all day long. I think this generation knows that already. hehe
What?  Sofia's Face & Body Cream With UV Filters
 Price? PhP 399.00/125g net wt.
Where to buy? SVR Infinity
Product Description:
Get that no makeup, flawless skin look with SVR Infinity products. Your beauty regimen is made much more easy and effortless with Sofia's Face & Body Cream with UV Filters.
 Garcinia binucao - Low PH level natural ingredients that gives instant fair skin while your beautiful skin is moisturized
Kojic Acid - Natural whitening ant-bacteria, and anti-fungal ingredient. A great ingredient that addresses pimples to give you a zit and dark spots - free skin
UV Filters - Your much needed protection for your flawless skin from the sun's UV rays. Avoid pre-mature skin ageing and dark spots by re-applying day and night


  You know how much I love my Sofia Soap which I reviewed last November 2014 and still no one beats my top 1 whitening soap. That's why I have really high hopes for this product. First thing I notice, this product is for FACE & BODY! It means that it works great for the skin. Sometimes, we use different creams for the face and body since it has somehow different effects.
Housed in a white, tube container properly labeled with the name and information needed.

How the cream looks like..
It has a thick consistency but it is easy to blend. It doesn't feel greasy but actually dries to matte which is good. It has a slight instant whitening effect. I think that's the Sofia brand is really great at.
see the difference between the obvious line.. no cream(left) - applied cream(right part)

If you applied it on your face, there's no sticky feeling but then you'll also feel that there's something applied on your face. haha gets? Though, it didn't leave any white cast like other sunblock do. It actually gives a brighten up face look so it's okay. As I continue using this, I didn't have any major whitening effect seen on my skin. (I think this is my the skintone lang for me) but it helped me to equally toned my skin. yes for that!

This is a local product. You can order thru their main page or official resellers or Lazada.
Thank you Ms. Sofia for sending this product over. XO

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