February 24, 2016

Review: Natura Esscents Aromacology Foaming Body Polish

 Hello my lovely friends! I thought it was my favorite mango or cheese ice cream which I'm craving now while typing this. Doc Mel of Natura Organics sent this to me. Exfoliants or scrubs are very essential to keep skin healthy and younger as the dead skin layer forming periodically might not be visible in naked eye. But, exfoliators are wonderful remedy to remove that deal skin layer entirely from the skin layer. Even if you can make a good scrub, acne and breakouts over your skin can easily come down. It is common to get variety of such scrubs and exfoliants in the market but, not all individual can afford such expensive scrubs. Natura Organic scrubs will create a wonderful skin tone and even safe good amount from your monthly expense and will work really well in making your skin youthful, graceful and beautiful.
What? Natura Esscents Aromacology Foaming Body Polish
Price? ..../175g 
Where to buy? @realnaturaorganics on Instagram.
Product Description:
Aromacology Foaming Body Polish is an unconventional body scrub formulated with different-sized beads suspended in a complex of organic extra virgin vegetable oils and butters. The product offers a natural and effective way of eliminating dead skin cells and other impurities. It leaves the skin perfectly smooth and velvety to the touch. Natural and organic active ingredients stimulate the natural renewal and regeneration of the epidermis,maintaining the optimum skin nourishment and hydration levels. The scrub leaves a protective film on the skin surface to provide natural protection from water loss.
✔️ wonderfully smooth and supple skin
✔️ nourished
✔️ oxygenated and stimulated to regenerate itself
✔️ suffused with a sensual aroma

Polish moistened skin making circular motions. To maximize the exfoliating effect, apply the product to dry skin. Rinse with warm water. Repeat the treatment 1-2 times per week.

total amount of ingredients whose usage in cosmetic formulations follows sustainable standards
only naturally derived alternatives are used
Unlike other scrubs that I've tried. This has a buttery like texture. As I scrubbed my skin, I felt "greasy-like". I think I'm not just used to that feeling but after rinsing my skin never felt so smooth and thus the word "polish".
Packaging - 4/5 housed in a sturdy plastic tub like an ice cream

Scent - 3.5/5 Too fruity for me, I think they have chocolate that's what I like haha
Effectiveness - 5/5 Helped heal my chicken skin and some skin allergy

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