March 24, 2016

Instyle Cases By Baisu Collab Giveaway!

Hello everyone!!!! I know it's been a while since I held a giveaway. You know I have my Samsung Galaxy S5 for almost 2 years already and since day 1 the only case I keep coming back was my slim armor and I can't find any better case than that plus Samsung S5 has actually limited cases even at Divisoria or online unlike the iPhone series. That's why when I saw my friend's new shop I immediately asked if I can customized or have my own design and she said yes so I chose my designs and ordered it and yesterday I received them and I'm so happy because it's so personal and so me.

I'm so vain. haha. First design is my header, 2nd is one of my fave looks I created on my youtube channel, then the 3rd is my name and it's super cute and last is a Sailormoon tribute 'cause I just missed that anime. I posted this on my IG, Fb page and personal account and I did get a lot of likes and inquiries and my friend was really thankful so we've decided why not have a giveaway. So here it is..

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2. Share this photo on facebook with the hashtag:  #instylecasesXkaren
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 Important notes:
*Open to Philippine residents only
*You can check out Instyle Cases by Baisu for the list of smartphones they cater for their interchangeable designs
*Two winners will be announced once we both reach 1k likes/followers!
*Make sure your post is public

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