March 19, 2016

Review: Caress By Nature Dark Chocolate Apricot Scrub

 When you're a chocolate addict like me definitely you'll love this. I mean even who doesn't like chocolate right?hahah. But this is not like your favorite Nutella that you can eat like an ice cream or spread on your bread this one is a face and body scrub. I received this product from Leiania House Of Beauty and this is from the brand Caress By Nature and it is their Dark Chocolate Apricot Scrub. If I'm not mistaken, the price is PhP 300.00. Please correct me if I'm wrong as I can't find the price on their page
Product Description:
Housed in a large clear jar with a twist black cap with its proper labels, description and ingredients. The color of the scrub is visible on the side.
Obviously, 1/4 remaining!
 Scent/Taste: Ugh damn yes it smells like freaking dark chocolate! so yummmmmmy the smell ah! The taste though super tiny lang I tasted and it was kind of as yummy as a dark chocolate.
 When applied to the skin(face and body), it is so soft and super bango talaga as in. I sit for like 10 minutes just sulitin the scrub that I spread. It felt so luxurious whenever I used this product because it seemed I soaked on a chocolate bath tub. After that, when I rinsed off the scrub, I'll see that the water washes off dark colored water(like duh?haha!)and I felt so satisfied seeing that like it washes all the dirt and germs! After taking a bath, my skin felt so really moisturized and hydrated. I don't need lotion after because it's so soft. It is a very gentle scrub so I love it so much.

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