March 29, 2016

Review: Skin Beautanicals Rosehip With Tea Tree & Olive Soap
 It's officially summer and I have this habit of using more whitening products than usual because I don't like getting too darker because I look weird when I'm tanned. I love rosehip soaps I've tried a lot of them from different brands but this one is different since it also has tea tree and olive.
What? Skin Beautanicals Rosehip With Tea Tree & Olive Soap
Price? PhP 250/180g
From: Sis Xanne of @skinbeautanicals
 Product Description:
I used this for 2 weeks and what I really like about it that rosehip has always this tightening effect. My skin was dry and it helped exfoliate the dry skin through its micro peeling effect. Though, it didn't whiten my skin but helped clear out my pimples and lessen my dark pimple marks. It is also moisturizing and lathery and doesn't melt easily.

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