March 31, 2016

Review: Skin Potions Do The Matte Lipsticks

Aren't you just tired of using lipsticks that are too drying on the lips. It feels so heavy and tacky on your lips or lipsticks that don't even last for an hour.
Product description:
`Our DO THE MATTE lipsticks are made with natural and organic ingredients. Glides as soft cream and finish as matte. Texture and richness is so comparable to leading international lipstick brands in the market. Will never dry your lips. Most of the shades stay for atleast the whole day! Very convenient to use! And very affordable!
Price? PhP 399.00 
Where to buy? @skinpotions or resellers, retail stores
 Packaging: So simple with the plastic silver case and their brand name and then the shade at the bottom of the tube.
 Scent: Fruity Bubblegum

Let's break down each color.
April -- just when you thought the Kylie lips is over. Na ah.. This shade is the nude color everyone will probably wear. It has the slightest pink touch into it.
Almost satin in finish
Bern -- the pabebe shade. Yes! It's my term to this kind of color. Sweet baby pink. A great shade when you want a lay-low makeup.
Almost satin in finish

Binky -- is a nice red orange shade. I think this color suits fair skin tone. It's bright and perf for SUMMER! yay!
Creamy Matte

Karen -- me!it suits me!.. haha it's a barbie pink shade but not too vibrant nor bright to look at
Creamy Matte

Krish -- is a hot/vibrant/pink. Bolder shade than Karen. I think it is a dupe for MAC's flat out fabulous because it has a blue undertone.
Creamy Matte

Aynna -- is a warm pink shade that suits all skin tone
Creamy Matte to Matte

Aila -- is a red lipstick that you can flaunt at the malls, dates or anywhere else.
Creamy Matte to Matte

Julia -- on the other hand, here is Julia, which is a vampy red shade I will probably wear when I'm feeling dark inside. haha. 
Creamy Matte

Hazel -- is a purple shade lipstick that I can handle wearing everyday. ugh. Sorry but I'm a sucker for bold shades.
Creamy Matte


My thoughts?
First, I like to commend pretty sissies Jonah and Aileen and the Skin Potions family for a job well done on creating these amazing lippies. I've been a fan of matte lipsticks ever since and adding these "creamy" matte lipsticks on my collection is something new. Okay now, let's move on to my review. I like that they claim that it is creamy matte not giving false hopes. The more it is pigmented then it is more matte. April and Bern were almost satin in finish and sets 5 mins or longer before it turns to creamy matte finish. I'm surprised that the lipstick can hold up pretty long than I expected since it doesn't have a true matte finish. It will last the whole day if you don't have too much activities involving the lips. Plus, these lippies have natural-infused ingredients. It is not heavy on the lips and hydrating & moisturizing. I always exfoliate my lips since everyday I wear a lipstick so I'm really amazed when I wear this because after removing do the matte lipstick on my lips it still feels the same way on how I prep my lips in the morning. Kudos! What are you waiting for ladies and gents go grab your do the matte lipsticks. I like it wearing this summer time since it doesn't crack my lips.

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  1. April, Bern & Hazel! <3
    Definitely my colors!

  2. I'm super interested to review this as well! That pink shade is calling my name sis!

    1. go dianne. you'll love the karen and krish shade

  3. I like Bern and Hazel. I was surprised when i saw Skin Potions kiosk at the mall near my place but i was clueless about their lipsticks. Now, i know what to get from them.


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