March 01, 2016

Review: Sooper Beaute Wipe Out Gentle Makeup Remover

 Hello my dreamcatchers! As a makeup enthusiast, I really have a lot of products that I'm trying every now and then. Lip swatches, makeup look tutorials and so on. Ofcourse, with all the "waterproof" makeup there comes the removing makeup part. I think I've tried a lot of makeup removers out there. Some are effective but harsh, and some aren't really effective or does not rem ove the makeup completely. But hey! Thankfully, Sooper Beaute has a new product which is the Sooper Beaute Wipe Out Gentle Makeup Remover which costs PhP 380.00/60ml which is infused with natural ingredients like the castor oil and cornflower.
Product Description:
Removes all traces of makeup in 1 swoop

Housed in a plastic bottle with a purple twistable cap with Sooper Beaute's cutie labels
To test this product out, I chose my dermacol makeup cover and my colourpop ultra matte to really get the waterproof vibes.
Note: Shake the product first before pouring on a cotton pad. A pea size amount is enough.
voila! 1 cotton pad is enough to remove waterproof makeup
And ofcourse, don't forget to still wash with soap and water remove the remaining oil and do your skincare routine.

Affordability - 4/5
Packaging - 4/5 
Scent - 4.5/5
Effectiveness - 4.5/5

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