April 16, 2016

Review: Glow Mori White Ichiglow Complete Glow Radiant Serum

 Hello my dreamcatchers!Here's another promising product I've been loving these past few days. It is lightweight, soft to the skin and has a sun protection factor. Just another perfect product for summer.
What? Glow Mori White Ichiglow Complete Glow Radiant Serum
Price? PhP 500.00/10ml
 Where to buy? THAILAND!! haha kidding aside..you can buy it from Happy Hauler PH
Product Description: from their official webiste
Naturally infused ingredients
3 in 1 sunscreen serum that nourishes, protects, and conceals. The serum also moisturizes and whitens skin because of the active ingredient of protein extract from Golden Silk Worm cocoon from Japan, Gunma prefecture and white strawberry. The formula nourishes the skin making it fair, clear, and firm and it also has SPF 50 PA+++ which protect skin from UVA1, UVA, and UVB. The serum contains Natural Mineral Base so it can be used as a make up base to help achieve a natural look.
from their website
Nourishes the skin all day long because of the active ingredient of protein extract from Golden Silk Worm cocoon from Japan, Gunma prefecture and white strawberry. These ingredients help skin stay moisturized, promotes the production of collagen under the skin, and prevents the production of melanin by stopping the enzyme Tyrosinase to be released which is the cause of skin darkening. The result is fair and clear skin. 
Gently protects the skin from harmful UVA1, UVA, UVB rays and pollution in the air. Prevents skin from darkening, blemishes, and dark spots all day long. Promotes evens skin tone, skin clear and smoothness, shrinks pores, dark spots, and red spots on the face. Helps skin look naturally healthy. Its is very gentle and has a natural beige color because of the volcanic mineral ingredient that does not clog the pores and can be used as a concealer.
How To Glow:
from their website
After washing the face, apply the serum thoroughly. The serum moisturizes, protects against UV rays, and can be used as a make up base. The texture is soft and helps skin look and naturally beautiful.
 White strawberry extract nourishes the skin by stopping the production of melanin, the main cause of skin darkening . The extract prevents the Tyrosinase enzyme from activating resulting in fairer, clearer skin. Red strawberries are high in Vitamin C which is good for skin but only promotes new skin cell production on the outer most surface of the skin.
Squeeze type of tube

how it looks like
It has a mousse soft like texture and very easy to blend.
Made with natural ingredients
Skin brightening
I used as a makeup primer
 Has a sun protection factor

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