April 22, 2016

Review: Mesha Organics Cushion Scrub

I received this last year and honestly I almost forgot to use it. It's been on my rack like forever. hihi. This is from Mesha Organics which unfortunately is closed temporarily. I don't know why. I love their Mesha creams pa naman. The scrub costs PhP 250.00.
How To Use? Use 2-3x a week after lathering your favorite soaps.
Seriously, I used it everyday after I opened it up.
Ingredients: Crushed apricot seeds, moisturizing fruit body lotion, essential oils
I used it everyday since it is not harmful to the skin because of its so soft and buttery feeling. The beads are not very fine. They're like the beads from St.Ives scrub. The scent is a mixture of sweet banana, milk and oats. It's not too overpowering nor irritating. It exfoliated my dry skin and helped heal my eczema. Overall, it's a good product. 
Rating: 2.5/5

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