April 30, 2016

Skin White Solutions Summer Lotions

Hi my dreamcatchers! Received these items in just a timely matter. Sunblock is a MUSTHAVE this Summer. Well, actually everyday you need Sunblock. Thank you my Skin White Solutions for taking care of my skin as ALWAYS. So, here are new products from their brand.

What? Skin White Summer Lotions
Price? PhP 180.00 each
Where to buy? Skin White Solutions and retail stores
This lotion will keep you protected from the sun because of its SPF100. It is housed in a white plastic pump bottle which is labeled properly. It contains 120ml of product. It's affordable and retails for PhP 180.00 comparing to commercial sunblock lotion which you're just paying for its name. It has a sweet aroma like you're in a paradise dreaming of drinking coconuts. Apply 15 minutes before you go out and hit the beach or walk at the shore. It has an instant flawless white finish because of its SPF.
Oh and it's proudly made in the Philippines.

Use the BEACH PROTECT LOTION SPF 100 as your sunblock
to ensure your white skin will stay protected under the sun.
The beach protect lotion has a slight shimmer that makes your skin glow in the sun. It’s a powerful protector that feels and smells great too. It’s lightweight and non greasy Ideal for face and body.


What about after swimming? When you have all the redness and sunburn after all the swim you've done, you need to moisturize your skin especially living in a tropical country plus the climate change. The heat index is too high, that of course sunblock cannot fully protect us but just lessen the harm. The After Beach Lotion helps replenish the condition of skin. It's PhP180.00 only.

But what about after the beach? Between sunburn, dryness, sunspots and more, water and sun can really take a toll on our skin. Replenish and restore your skin back to whiteness and health with the AFTER BEACH LOTION it calms the skin to soothe the sunburn. It helps restore the skin's natural moisture.Treats uneven skin tone to bring back natural white skin. This will also help to tone the unequal color of the skin and bring back your shade.

So, don't you worry to hit the beach and have fun on your Laboracay, enjoy Summer until the Last Hirit for Tag-init! haha =)

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