April 10, 2016

The Beauty Bask's Multi Benefit Beauty Soaps

When you know the brand is ECOCERTified, you already have the trust that the product is legit and for real. Here are the latest multi benefit beauty soaps from The Beauty Bask where I got my ever so love Chasing Daydreams
Kristen, the pretty owner of The Beauty Bask sent me these oh so divining treats. Her latest pride and joy.
  • Amongst The Stars
  • Paradiso
  • Himalayan Renegade
  • Mr.&Mrs. Androgynous

Price: PhP 188.00/100g
Calm + Hydrate + Brighten
Recommended for sensitive skin / all skin types 
 Amongst the Stars is a mild but potent PH balancing beauty block in a lovely lavander tinge + a slightly floral scent brought about by its natural and certified organic ingredients. Clinically proven actives target restoration of elasticity and suppleness while working at a cellular level to help tame skin irritations. Also packed with wonderful butter and essential oils to suppress skin damage from sun, stress and pollution. Let this beauty block calm your anxieties and soothe your heart. Stop worrying and aim high, stars are the limit! 
Pure vegetable glycerin base, Vanilla Butter, Oat Beta Glucan, Plant Collagen, Lavender, Vitamin B3, Non-GMO Vitamin E
`Has healing properties
`Anti-aging/anti wrinkles
`Skin soothing
`Anti fungal/anti bacterial
Price: PhP 228.00/100g 
Detoxify + Brighten + Purify
Recommended for blemished skin / all skin types 

Himalayan Renegade is a potent PH balancing beauty block in an almost silver tinge that comes in a feel good scent brought about by its natural and certified organic ingredients! Clinically proven actives target flaws and help your skin overcome free radicals working at a cellular level to restore and repair your skin from oxidative stress. Include this as either a daily or a bi-weekly habit to regularly draw out deep impurities, brighten skin and preserve youth despite the unavoidable dose of sun, stress and pollution. Rebel against grime with this charmingly exotic beauty block! 
Pure vegetable glycerin base, Freshwater Silt Mud, Himalayan Red Rice, Plankton Extract, Matsutake Mushrooms, Paper Mulberry, Morus Alba Bark
`Skin exfoliation
`Plankton Extract
`Sun protection

Price: PhP 208.00/100g 
Brighten + Renew + Clarify
Recommended for dull skin / all skin types 

Paradiso is a potent brightening and PH balancing beauty soap block in a sunset tinge beautifully blended with some exotic flower power and crushed seeds + a crisp fruity scent with gentle skin renewing properties brought about by its natural and certified organic ingredients. Clinically proven actives target pigmentations and help clear skin by reducing scarring while working at a cellular level to increase cell renewal so your skin is radiant despite exposure to sun, stress and pollution. This feels like paradise on a beauty block to spruce up both your daily pace, staycations and travel escapades!
Pure vegetable glycerin base, Birds of Paradise Flowers, Grapefruit, Tomato Seeds, Cranberry, Licorice Roots
`Skin revitalizer - improves skin tone
`Increases skin luminosity
`Anti aging
`Cellulite reduction

Price: PhP 208.00/100g 
Energize + Balance + Rejuvenate
Recommended for normal skin / combination skin 

 Mr. & Mrs. Androgynous is an anti-bacterial and potent PH balancing beauty block in a golden tinge speckled with lush herbs + a minty scent. It has a subtle cooling effect brought about by its natural and certified organic ingredients. Clinically proven actives target irritations and help address inflammations while working at a cellular level to nourish your skin as protection and repair from pollution, sun and stress. This energizing beauty block can be used daily and whenever you want to cool down after a workout. It's also perfect for sharing with your significant other to teach him a thing or two on skin fitness! 
Pure vegetable glycerin base, Tsubaki, Chia Seeds, Melaleuca, Sunflower, Marigold, Calendula, Mint, Sage
`Skin brightener

Which beauty soaps are you going to buy?Comment below. =)

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