May 30, 2016

What's Inside The Project Vanity Kit?

Hello my dreamcatchers! When I saw Ms. Liz Lanuzo post something about a "something-coming-to-project-vanity". I had a thought that it's a beauty kit like Michelle Phan's Ipsy Bag and guess what I'm actually quite correct. I was like yaaaas! woohoo come through project vanity kit. When it was finally announced, the fan girl and impulsive me immediately reserved a slot just because I'm such a fan of this blog. Effin silent reader. lol. Anyway, it is called Project Vanity Universally Chic Kit.
I bought it for PhP 1,250 plus provincial shipping fee. It's so affordable 'cause you get so many items and a pink pouch.

May 28, 2016

Review: Sooper Beaute So Matte Lip & Cheek Therapy: Canopus & Galaxy

Hello my dreamcatchers! Sooper Beaute is adding up trendy colors on their lip products line. This So Matte Lip & Cheek Therapy is one of my fave in my collection. If you want to know why it is naturally for keeps, then continue reading.

May 26, 2016

Review: Skin Beautanicals Dead Sea Salt

 Hey dream catchers! Let's get straight to the point. When I received this from Ms. Xanne of Skin Beautanicals I got so excited since I super love scrubs. This Dead Sea Salt is rich in minerals essential for replenishment and healthy skin. It detoxifies, moisturizes and softens skin. It is used to treat skin disorders. Exfoliates by removing dead cells and soften rough skin. This body scrub contains the perfect blend of gentle dead sea salt scrub and Marine Collagen for anti-aging purpose. Dead sea salt scrub has been used for centuries to promote health and wellness, treat skin disorders, detoxify the body and prevent illness.

May 24, 2016

Review: Ever Bilena Liquid Concealer

Hey my dreamcatchers! Wow! Ever Bilena just launched new products lately. Just wow! When I said before, Ever Bilena is stepping up their game and they kept doing it. I can't live without concealer because I really have bad dark undereyes. I look like a panda. I have night shifts and graveyard shifts that's why even I took care of my undereyes, eyebags are my forever. So, a concealer is a must have on my kit. Especially, I use liquid concealer cause it's gentle applying on the skin unlike stick concealers. This new Ever Bilena liquid concealer retails for PhP 140.00 each tube. It has two shades: light and medium. I bought the shade medium since I like its hint of orangey tint that corrects dark undereye area.

May 22, 2016

Review: Sooper Beaute Lip & Cheek Lacquer

Matte is still in but when Kylie Jenner released her glosses everybody is going gaga over it. Thank goodness you don't have to pay such price just to have those because these are I think better dupes for those glosses. Sooper Beaute just launched these beautiful Lip And Cheek Lacquer. These are different from your usual glosses because they have a color and not sticky. Yaaas! One thing I don't like about glosses are being sticky right?.. One tube retails for PhP 380.00 per 5ml.

May 20, 2016

Review: New Sooper Beaute So Matte Lipsticks

Hello my dreamcatchers! Woot woot! New shades from Sooper Beaute So Matte Lipsticks line. A lot has been going on with Sooper Beaute and I feel so lucky that I able to get hands on with their latest products and thankful I have their trust to review them. Also, their new brand ambassadress is no other than my girl crush and sooper babe Sofia Andres.

May 18, 2016

Review: Whiter Smile Home Teeth Whitening Kit

 Hey my dreamcatchers! What's up? You all know how much it costs and expensive to have a whitening treatment at your dentist. Thank goodness almost everything can be done at home. From Whiter Smile PH is a home teeth whitening kit. It retails for PhP2,900 per kit and it's good for 12 to 20 sessions.

May 16, 2016

Review: Le Blancs Flat & Fabulous Super Matte Lip Cream

Hello my dreamcatchers! Yaaaas to organic lip products :) I don't have to think and doubt if my lips will get dark because these are 100% safe especially if you already trust the brand. Finally, I able to try these and swatch these beautiful lip creams from Ms. Ivy of Le Blancs Beauty. Thanks ate, you know me so well that I will love these shades you sent over. If you're following Le Blanc's account on Instagram then you're updated that these packaging were the old one because now their new packaging is so classy and pretty. Anyway, one tube retails for PhP 399.00/5ml each. I know it's quite pricey but remember that it contains organic ingredients.

May 14, 2016

Review: Krave Banana Lip Butter

Hello my dreamcatchers! Ugh.. I'm super loving these new lip products of Krave. After reviewing Kiss & Run Organic Lipsticks, now, I am addicted to these Krave Banana Lip Butters. Krave Cosmeceuticals sent me three shades and retails for PhP 85.00 each! It's really affordable. These banana lip butter is not actually like matte lip creams you're probably thinking, these are lip plumper that were made from 98% organic ingredients, no silicones, lead & parabens.

May 12, 2016

Review: Tony Moly Lovely Eyebrow Pencil

 I'm always on the look for eyebrow pencil since sometimes using powder or brow gel is exhausting and sometimes I don't have enough time and pencil is my go-to makeup.

What? Tony Moly Lovely Eyebrow Pencil
Price? PhP 160.00
Where to buy? This product is from Skin And Body Wonders

May 10, 2016

Review: Krave Kiss & Run Organic Lipsticks

 Hello everyone! Here's Krave Kiss & Run Organic Lipsticks. These are the most color intense and moisture enriched lip loving lipsticks! It is anti-chapped lips, brings back lips to pinkish color, keeps lips moisturized and soft. It has no chemicals involved. You can even use it on your cheeks as a blush. It retails for PhP 290.00 each. You can order at Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals.

May 06, 2016

Review: Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gradation in Fuchsia

Experience the gradation effect. Bold lips go soft and sexy with an ombre look. Be sophisticated with crisp, matte pigments.
What? Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gradation
Price? PhP 399.00
bought it for PhP 349.00 because of the PhP 50 off discount
Where to buy? Bought at Watsons

May 04, 2016

Review: Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

 I saw this product being raved in a makeup group on Facebook. At first, I didn't really mind what they're talking about but it kept showing on my feed until I clicked the post and see what were they talking about.
What? Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel
Price?  PhP 245.00/300ml
Where to buy? I bought at Nature Republic at SM North Edsa

May 02, 2016

Review: Revitliz Porcelana Body Souffle

It's super hot so all the moisture I need to pull out all the products on my skincare stack. This is not just a regular lotion. Have you tried a body souffle?

What? Revit'liz Porcelana Body Souffle
Price? To be updated
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