May 02, 2016

Review: Revitliz Porcelana Body Souffle

It's super hot so all the moisture I need to pull out all the products on my skincare stack. This is not just a regular lotion. Have you tried a body souffle?

What? Revit'liz Porcelana Body Souffle
Price? To be updated

Product Description:


Packaging: It comes in a 60g plastic tub.
This body souffle works wonder. The texture is soft and has a thick creamy consistency. It instantly melts after application like the skin absorbs the product quickly. It's like putting a cold butter to the hot pan. It delivers immediate moisture and skin hydration. It is not greasy nor has a sticky feeling. I like using it at nights only because it doesn't have any SPF. Though, I don't like the scent as it smells like plant. It also heals dry patches on my feet. Overall, it's a great nourishing product for the skin especially if you have dry skin.

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