June 09, 2016

Review: Belo BB Cream

 Ever since I saw this at facebook sponsored ads, I was dying to get a hold of this but when I go to Watsons I always forgot. Until last time, when we went to grocery shopping I saw this and immediately put it in my cart. Literally. I don't know anything about the product except the fact that it is a BB cream. I haven't read any reviews since I don't like to read other people's opinion that can make me doubt the product. I want to have my first impression.

Belo Intensive Whitening BB Cream delivers that instant flawless no makeup look as your skin whitens over time. Its Tone Correcting formula evens out skin tone and conceals skin imperfections like scars, fine lines, and wrinkles.  Even better, it has the power of Kojic Acid and Tranexamic Acid that over time improves skin clarity, whitens your complexion, and reduces the appearance of stubborn dark spots. Belo Intensive Whitening BB Cream is also rated SPF 50 & PA++++, protecting your skin against age-accelerating UV rays.
It comes in a 50ml squeeze type bottle. Properly labeled with its descriptions and ingredients and everything you need to know about the product. One full size bottle retails for PhP 349.75.
How it looks like:
Product after squeeze --- when blended
The consistency is quite liquidy. Not creamy at all. It slides down on skin. I felt the lightness of the product.
Actual application
I like to use my clean fingers to apply the bb cream so it instantly warms up the product. It makes blending easier. It has a slight whiter look because of the high SPF. It also has a natural matte finish that adapts to my skintone. I like how it blended pretty well on my face leaving a flawless no makeup makeup look.
It is lightweight. It covers some of my imperfections like redness and pimple marks except my dark under eye areas. I really need a concealer on this photo though.
`Availability: Malls, Supermarket, Pharmacy
`Flawless finish
`Natural finish
`Natural Matte, not flat
`Evens out skin tone
`Improves skin clarity
`Smooth and easy application
`Non sticky and non greasy

`Not fan of the scent since I'm always using organic or natural products. - thankfully, it fades.
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