June 01, 2016

Review: iWhite Korea Facial Cream

 Hello dreamcatchers! You know guys it's just this year that I've actually liked iWhite Korea products. Starting from their exfoliator scrub, moisturizer, facial wash and their bb cream. I had a search for the best facial cream that I can wear under my makeup. Here it is, iWhite Korea Facial Cream. It retails for PhP 179.00 only with a 65ml content.

Product Description:

Packaging: It is housed in a squeeze type with a gradient effect color on the bottle.

It is a 3-in-1 function. Whitening, makeup base and has a sun protection factor 15.
 Active Ingredients: Mulberry Root Extract, Panax Ginseng Root Extract and Titanium Dioxide
 I love this facial cream as it has a slight radiant effect on the skin when it's applied. I can use it as it is or use it as my makeup base and it doesn't budge nor alter the effect of my foundation. It is gentle on the skin. It doesn't melt. It didn't break me out so that's a good thing. I like that it is affordable and you can try buying a sachet first before purchasing the full size bottle.
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  1. Hi! Just want to ask if it's good for oily skin? I have a super oily skin and sensitive face so I'm always having a hard time choosing products for my face. :)

    1. it's hard to tell since I have a combination type of skin. But anyway, this is a skincare so it's a trial and error for your skin. :)

  2. I think that'd for sure give your skin that highlighted look

    1. probably. it makes my skin radiant :)


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