June 15, 2016

Review: Menow Long Lasting Lip Gloss 02 & 36

 Hello my dreamcatchers! I know a lot of you have tried these Menow Long Lasting Lip Glosses but this review will be my thoughts on these products. It is Made in China and they say that it is FDA(US) approved but you can easily buy this product at Divisoria though I bought this at my friend for PhP 120.00 each. This product is everywhere. Still, I'm in doubt with the product since I don't know the ingredients.
What? Menow Long Lasting Lip Gloss
Shades? 02 & 36
Price? PhP 120.00 each 
It comes in this plastic tube. Looks so cheap. It has a doe foot applicator.
Here are the swatches:
02 is a pinkish mauve shade. An everyday wear color.

36 is a bright pink with blue undertones. The color reminds me of a Wet N Wild Silk Lipstick.
 My Thoughts?
It's really pigmented. 100% opacity. The color is 100x its price. It is not a lip gloss but a liquid lipstick that dries to a very matte finish. Like DRYING matte. The technique on applying is putting a lip balm(no color) first and you'll still achieve a matte finish I swear. That will just make the application easier. I don't like the scent too. It smells a bit off like paint. On application, make sure you apply it right because once they're on your lips they're really on your lips and you can remove it with an oil based lipstick/makeup remover. It is quite long lasting until you eat/drink. Do not I repeat DO NOT press your lips as it will transfer and it'll get crusty. It is also sticky and heavy on the lips. I'm not really a fan of liquid lipsticks eh. Though, the color selection of these menow lip glosses is very awesome because if I'm correct they have more than 36+ colors because the shades are only called in numbers. If you want to try liquid lipstick and you may find a great shade then why not try but for me I don't see myself purchasing these products again.

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  1. I love the color, they are very pretty i love the color pigmentation.


    1. true.. it's just the scent is off and the lipstick gets tacky. thanks for reading. :)


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