June 11, 2016

Review: RiRe Lip Manicure High Fix: 04 & 11

 Hello dreamcatchers! Have you ever tried a product that looks like this? I mean it's so small it looks like a nail polish bottle. This is my first time trying out a product like this. Thank you so much sissy Clau of @skinandbodywonders for sending me cool makeup and most of the time are korean products. It makes me giggly. I swear most of my makeup are US brand but because of sis Clau, I'm loving these korean items.
What? RiRe Lip Manicure High Fix
Price? PhP 550.00
Where to buy? @skinandbodywonders
 Product Description:
This is a waterproof/transfer proof lip paint with ten(10) available vivid colors. It comes on your lips as liquid and dries as matte. It can last all day up to 12 hours! It also fades and does not crumble or crack compared to other brands.


I have the shades 04: Rich Raspberry and 11:Pink Brown
So, it comes in this cute packaging like a nail polish bottle. It's tiny. It's like 2 1/2 inches tall. The applicator is connected to its cap. It's also short and I wonder how will I able to use this. The scent is like a berry flavored candy. It's sweet yet not overpowering.

Let's go over to the swatches:

Rich Raspberry (04) is a fuchsia shade. It's a color that is ready to paaaarty!!
 How it looks like on me:
Next, Pink Brown (11) a mauve shade. Most ladies will pick this as an everyday color because it's not bright nor bold and not also pale and light. Warms up your look.
 How it looks like on me:
close up

Pigmented and has a great color payoff
Long lasting
Has a variety of colors to choose from
Applies as liquid and dries to velvety matte finish
Not too drying
Kissproof/Transfer Proof
True to its color
Does not fade easily
Cute - made in Korea

Availability - online only 

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