June 13, 2016

Review: San San Cosmetics Lip Crayons

 Hi my dreamcatchers! Jumbo looking pencils are not new to cosmetics. Either lips, eyeshadow, or contour highlight sticks. San San cosmetics is our homegrown makeup that you'll mostly find inside HBC or leading department stores. They recently launched these lip crayons and I think not everyone haven't discovered it yet or waiting for bloggers to review one. So here I am to the rescue. :)
What? San San Cosmetics Lip Crayon
Price? PhP 165.00 each/2.8g
Where to buy? HBC outlets
Product Description:
San San Cosmetics Lip Crayon is a long wearing lip product. It is matte in finish. It has Vitamins C & E.
 If I remember it correctly, there are 6 lip crayons available when I swatched. These are the first 3 lip crayons I bought cause the other shades aren't available on the HBC store I went to.
striking pink - deep raisin - rich mocha
From their name colors itself describes how it looks like. It's very true to its color.

 How it looks like on me:
rich mocha - deep raisin - striking pink

 `Affordable for PhP 165.00
`Pigmented. One swipe and you can build up the color.
`Creamy matte
`Variety of shades to choose from
`It has a minty feeling. (Almost similar to Revlon's Matte Balm line)

`You need to sharpen 
`Not transfer proof 
`It only has 2.8g, small product 

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  1. Glad to have read this review. It made me decide i should get deep raisin shade.. Hehe thanks!

  2. Yay! Thank you for this review. More power to your blog! :)

    1. Hi! I really love san san lip crayon too, but how did you sharpen the lipcrayon? Since there is no available sharpeners? Thank you! Inlove your blog!

    2. bought my sharpener at National Book Store :

  3. Hi! May I know what particular sharpener brand from National Bookstore do you use? coz I have this lip crayon too, it's my favorite thing in the world but the sharpening part is my nightmare I could't find the perfect sharpener to fit it! I bought a cosmetic sharpener at HBC but it doesn't fit as well! I use ordinary sharpener but I always break it because the crayon is too big. Hoping for your response! Thanks :) -Eunice


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