July 23, 2016

Review: Sooper Beaute Express Beauty Blur Cream

I am finally keeping up with blogging again. I missed reviewing products. Anyway, before I head to my review just a disclaimer that my present skin is by far the worst I ever have. In my case, I am not used to having acne scars so I'm slightly stressed with my current condition. laaah! After a week after my stay at QC, I had a lot of pimples popped out. On the other hand, I get to try more products to see which is effective. Let's go over to the review proper. 

What? Sooper Beaute Express Beauty Blur Cream phew! that's quite long!
Price? PhP 360.00/30g
Where to buy? Sooper Beaute Online and Retail Stores
SKIN TYPE: Combination (Oily Tzone - normal to dry)
Product claims...
It is a primer foundation that reduces appearance of BIG PORES we all hate.
It blur signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles while creating a smooth base for make-up.
With a formulation that gives a tinted veil on your skin that shouts My-Skin-But-Better!
Packed with antioxidants and anti-aging plant extracts like Beta Glucan and Barley Extract that shields your skin from free radical damage.
It is housed in this hexagon shaped glass-like jar with a round cap. Just twist to open. Underneath is the label for the ingredients.
Scent: I can't describe the fragrance. I don't like it but at least it fades maybe 10 secs after application.
on my arm
The color is a bit off white/beige and has a creamy consistency.

Okay, so here's my current skin. I have a lot of redness and dark spots
from acne scarring and also big poooores!
Can you see the difference?
Top: Bare skin
Middle: Express Beauty Blur Cream
Bottom: Blended

Obviously, you can see how it instantly whitened my skin. I like that it has a matte finish so I can actually wear this as it is but not right now. It's like the beauty filter on our smartphone's camera feature. It really does DO what it claims. It blurs out some redness and other imperfections. It works as a primer too for our makeup. It smoothed out my skin thus applying and blending my foundation became easier and faster. It took 4-5 hours before oil build up happened on my T-zone area. Overall, I like this product. 

Availability: 5
Affordability: 5
Packaging: 5
Scent: 3.5
Effectiveness: 4.5
Total Rating: 4.6

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  1. I also have this product, but I am having difficulty in the application of it :(
    When do you recommend best to use it: while skin is moist from the moisturizer, or should I wait till my skin is fully dry? Also, there are white sort of "libag" being formed when I applied it using hands, but when I used a brush, most of it adheres to the hairs of the brush :(

    1. I believe you have dry skin. Make sure your skin is moisturized and then let your skin absorb and set the moisturizer then apply this blur cream . a little goes along way.


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