July 05, 2016

Review: Zivine Organics Grapeseed Oil

 Grapeseed oil has a variety of benefits. As I do my research about GSO, it's either healthy and not healthy. For the reason that, GSO are a by-product of wine making. You must choose a cold-pressed process because it's the "healthier" one. Just like this GSO from Zivine Organics, it retails for PhP 500/100ml and also PhP 250/40ml. It claims it is 100% organic so let us hold onto that.


What are the benefits of GSO?
Skin - to treat and get rid of oily skin, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, dark spots, pimple marks, freckles, large skin pores, dry skin, dull skin, rough skin, dark undereye circles, dark elbows, dark knees, dark underarms, dark bikini lines, dark skin tones. In short, it is a great anti-oxidant and whitening benefits.

Hair - moisturizes scalps and treats dull, dry hair. It also softens hair.
Here's what my face looked like on the first day I applied GSO
 I had pimples because it was the time of the month. A lot of redness on my face
 Here's what it looked like after a week.
I applied it every night for a week before I went to bed and sleep. I left it overnight and every time I woke up I see my face clearing up from pimple marks and blemishes. Overall, it depends on your skin type and skin issues.

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