August 30, 2016

Review: Skin Temptations Velvet Love It!!

 Tired of heavy foundation? You may want to let your skin breath for a while. I was sent this product from Skin Temptations which is the Velvet Love It Foundation. I got excited since I thought it was a natural light to medium coverage foundie since you can see a slight beige color from its bottle. I didn't expect when I swatched it.

August 28, 2016

Head Turner: How To Be A #SelfieExpert #OPPOF1s

Hello my dreamcatchers! In our generation today, we all see selfies everywhere posted on different social sites and we also see them in action taking a selfie or a groufie. I remember back then when I called this "being vain" for having too much self portrait photos that I even cried to my dad to buy me a digital camera! It was a hassle when you have to transfer these digital photos to the computer! Right now, easy peasy! Everyone knows how to take a perfect selfie. Anyway, here are a few reminders for those who want to bring up their SELFIE GAME STRONG!

August 27, 2016

Review: Mystic Organic Matte Lippie

Everyone's joining the liquid lipsticks bandwagon even our natural/organic local brands. I'm quite fascinated that they stepped up as well. These new liquid lipsticks that I have here are from Cussy Organic Cosmetics and they call these the Mystic Organic Matte Lippie which retails for PhP 190.00 each only! Can you imagine that compared to the liquid lipsticks at the mall!?

August 25, 2016

Review: Skin Sensations Lip N Cheek Tints

Hello my dreamcatchers! Ugh I know I’ve been MIA again. (I think I’ve used that phrase several time) I cannot keep up with blogging because I caught up with a lot of things. Anyway, another lip and cheek tints since I received a lot of them. Haha.Buhbye lips! Just kidding. These are from LolaOnlineShop and I got the complete seven(7) shades of Skin Sensations Lip N Cheek Tints. I will not be really in detail with the lip and cheek tints I’m reviewing and even the future reviews for tints because some seemed similar already, like they’re just from the same manufacturer yet I will still try to differentiate them from each other.

August 15, 2016

Review: Natura Organics Soft Matte Lip Suede Lipsticks

Hello my dreamcatchers! I received a lot of lipsticks from Dra. Mel last time and this was the second set. Lipsticks that have black tubes. I will post another one for those with white cases. If you're not in a mood to wear matte lipsticks then you should try this. Ofcourse, if it's from Natura Organics expect that these items are made with organic and natural ingredients, 100% no chemical additives, safe for pregnant and lactating women. I know you want to go straight to the swatches so I'm going to break down my thoughts for this product.

August 09, 2016

Review: Natura Organics Hy-Dra Matte Liquid Lipsticks

 There are a lot of liquid lipsticks and every brand has their own share for the bandwagon. Of course, Natura Organics has their collection and there are many (as in many) shades to choose from. They have more than 40 colors. This local brand has something that differs from all other liquid lippies out there.

August 07, 2016

Review: Skin White Solutions Tinted Lip Balms

"The skin on your lips is thinner than your facial skin. So in case you are suffering from chapped lips, try using our lip balm we ensure that that your lips are well hydrated and they heal faster"
 Hello! Another review of tinted lip balms. Wag kayo magsawa sa tinted lip balms review. haha! Don't let your lips look dry and pale that's why you need one in your pocket. This set of lip balms came with other products Skin White Solutions sent me. They are called Kissmark Tinted Lip Balm. It retails for PhP 150.00/10g only. You can order online or thru their physical stores. Just check out their account for more deets. The packaging looks your usual plastic white tube but the sticker/label is actually fancy with its cute chic patterns of sweet looking cupcakes and ice creams. *yum*

August 05, 2016

Review: Natura Organics Backlight Pore Focus Primer

 Are you a beginner with makeup?You don't know what to include in your kikay stash. I bet if you're new to the makeup world you're not aware with primer. A primer is the one you apply before your foundation. It's a good way to start your base. Not only it will give a flawless and easy application with foundation, it will make your foundation hold longer than usual. I'm amazed with Natura Organics(owned by Mother Earth Dra. Mel) because they produce quality skincare, cosmetics items for everyone and even for our fur-babies. It's VERY (yes emphasize) SAFE because it's natural/organic. So, obviously I'm gonna talk about PRIMER. Here's Natura Organics Backlight Pore Focus Primer ,*phew* that's long, is a MUST have!

August 03, 2016

Review: Skin White Solutions BB Silk Cream

Way back after graduating college, I really love using foundation. I go every where like it's foundation day everyday! haha! Back then, I was also new to makeup and I couldn't imagine how I look like.. *eeeek*
Now, I believe I have more knowledge with makeup and application and sometimes I don't really like putting makeup and go natural but I have a lot of redness and pimple marks so I can't leave without at least concealing them. BB creams are my go-to when I want to cover those imperfections. I recently received this from Skin White Solutions and I immediately tried this one out cause I'm a sucker for BB creams because of its natural finish. This is the Skin White Solutions BB Silk Cream with SPF70 and the shade that I received is MEDIUM which I think is just a right match on my skin tone. One bottle retails for PhP 475.00/30g and this product is also a new launched of the brand. I am so happy I able to tried this one out so you have a idea how this works before you purchase yours.
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