August 28, 2016

Head Turner: How To Be A #SelfieExpert #OPPOF1s

Hello my dreamcatchers! In our generation today, we all see selfies everywhere posted on different social sites and we also see them in action taking a selfie or a groufie. I remember back then when I called this "being vain" for having too much self portrait photos that I even cried to my dad to buy me a digital camera! It was a hassle when you have to transfer these digital photos to the computer! Right now, easy peasy! Everyone knows how to take a perfect selfie. Anyway, here are a few reminders for those who want to bring up their SELFIE GAME STRONG!
Number 1 is to have a reliable smartphone with a front and rear cam. This is my 2 yrs old phone and it has a great rear camera but a not so best front camera because it has 2 mp only. You can get a lot of new phones today with having 5mp and up for front camera which makes your selfie perfect because it's hard using the rear cam because you cannot see yourself like this one, I had to take a mirror shot for a better selfie.
mirror selfie
Next is find your BEST angle! My best is a high angle shot that gives the impression of a V or smaller face.
low angle VS high angle
After you find your angle, you must have a great lighting! Natural light is better but what if it's night time. You can use indoor light but sometimes it has a lot of noise but nowadays you can buy selfie ring light for your smartphones! (investment for selfie game strong!)
low light VS natural light
Last but not the least, SMILE. It's the best when you are smiling and happy with your selfie. Share good vibes and be a #selfieexpert like the #oppof1s

Here's a video I made! WATCH in HD!

Hope you learn and enjoy taking a selfie today! Tagged me on instagram or facebook if you read this post! mwaah!!

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  1. i love the color of your lips. and the texture too. may i know what product you used? thanks for this lovely post!


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