August 15, 2016

Review: Natura Organics Soft Matte Lip Suede Lipsticks

Hello my dreamcatchers! I received a lot of lipsticks from Dra. Mel last time and this was the second set. Lipsticks that have black tubes. I will post another one for those with white cases. If you're not in a mood to wear matte lipsticks then you should try this. Ofcourse, if it's from Natura Organics expect that these items are made with organic and natural ingredients, 100% no chemical additives, safe for pregnant and lactating women. I know you want to go straight to the swatches so I'm going to break down my thoughts for this product.
Price: It retails for PhP399.00 each tube

Packaging: It is housed in this black sleek and goldish glam tube. very elegant.

Texture/Consistency: I really like how it glided smoothly when it's applied and just one swiped and the opacity is superb. It is very pigmented. It has a sheen finish.
I forgot to do the swatches on my arm, so let us move on how it looked like on lips
Soft Turnip is a nude pink lippy. It looked fresh and looked young to me

Velvet Berry has a barbie-ish plus berry shade

Pink Mustard is like a combination of warm pink and red color

Radishmauve looks like a color of a carrot, the orange red shade that I think suits better for fair skin tone
Cool Plum has a brick color and I love this one because it's almost a brownish shade
 These lipsticks are not waterproof nor transfer proof. It doesn't feather or bleed also. Even if you don't line your lips it's okay because it's easy to fill in your lips because of the shape of the lipstick bullet.
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