August 27, 2016

Review: Mystic Organic Matte Lippie

Everyone's joining the liquid lipsticks bandwagon even our natural/organic local brands. I'm quite fascinated that they stepped up as well. These new liquid lipsticks that I have here are from Cussy Organic Cosmetics and they call these the Mystic Organic Matte Lippie which retails for PhP 190.00 each only! Can you imagine that compared to the liquid lipsticks at the mall!?
It is housed in a small tube. It has a regular doe foot applicator and has a sweet mild scent. I have three(3) shades from the brand and there are a lot of colors to choose from if you check their account.
It has a liquid with slight creamy and not runny consistency. It's like a very pigmented tint. It doesn't have a 100% opacity on the first application and you have to apply with few more coats to achieve you're desired shade. As for me, 3-4 coats are enough. They last for about 4-5 hours and leave a pink or red tint which is nice anyway.

 Cantaloupe is a summer orange color

Crimson is a orangish,reddish and brown combination which I love!

Red Wine is a brownish and purple mixture and I also like that shade

They are also not drying and they're even hydrating on the lips. It's lightweight even with several coats. No transfer when the lipstick is completely dried.

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