August 25, 2016

Review: Skin Sensations Lip N Cheek Tints

Hello my dreamcatchers! Ugh I know I’ve been MIA again. (I think I’ve used that phrase several time) I cannot keep up with blogging because I caught up with a lot of things. Anyway, another lip and cheek tints since I received a lot of them. Haha.Buhbye lips! Just kidding. These are from LolaOnlineShop and I got the complete seven(7) shades of Skin Sensations Lip N Cheek Tints. I will not be really in detail with the lip and cheek tints I’m reviewing and even the future reviews for tints because some seemed similar already, like they’re just from the same manufacturer yet I will still try to differentiate them from each other.

Product Claims:
 Experience an all-natural rosy cheeks and lips with this better and bigger lip and cheek stain. It is 101% organic, highly pigmented, intensified, and lasts all throughout the day!

They are housed in a cylinder bottle with a roll on applicator.
It has a fruity scent giving a natural sweet aroma.

 Panthenol,Aloe Vera, Licorice, Phenoxythenol, Niacinamide, Papaya Extracts, Flavor and color

Price: PhP 150.00/10mL



Here are my lips swatches only since it’s hard to swatch on my cheeks. I might remove my cheeks if I keep rubbing and removing the swatches! Haha

Amber, my fave shade. It has a shade of pink and fuchsia together

Barbie, a baby pink shade

Belle, orange red shade

Margaret, a sunny orange

Ruby, mild red shade

Sassa, almost similar to Belle but it has more intense orange than red

Scarlette, brick shade

My thoughts:
Almost all shades have the sweet scent and also taste except for Scarlette. I don’t know why it stung on my lips so I have to remove it immediately(or maybe because I’ve rubbed my lips a lot). All are very pigmented and have vivid colors. I suggest that they add a hotter pink shade and a warm red color. Overall, I like them and they’re not drying on the lips and can last for 8-10 hours or 11 hrs max. Retouching is easy girl! My personal faves are Amber and Scarlette(I hope it’s a bit darker though).

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