September 05, 2016

Review: Faith Hope Love AMP Toner

I know I haven't had posted selfies for the past weeks and even upload or film makeup tutorials since I had a major breakout of pimples! I felt like the pimples that I haven't had last year all popped and showed this year. I didn't know what to do that I have to change my usual skincare routine and even find other solutions. Thus, I posted a "looking for" photo on Instagram and people recommended a lot of shops and products to try and thankfully, Ms. Vanessa of Faith Hope Love Soap told me that she wanted to send me one of her product. So, I received the AMP toner also included in the package was another Cucumber Hydrating Mist(You know how much I love that product!) .
The ArganMulberryPeppermint or AMP Toner is a local vegan skinfood. It is an all in one toner. Anti-acne, anti-aging and rejuvenates skin. It also has a mild whitening effect plus it's also moisturizing and hydrating thus it gives a glowing effect. Not only those, it restores pH balance of skin and removes excess makeup, dirt and other skin impurities.
Price: PhP 150/50mL only. It's affordable for an organic toner.
 Packaging/Scent: It is housed in this white bottle and just flip the cap to open. Easy peasy! The peppermint scent overpowers other fragrances. It's like applying a mild Vaporub on your face.

Overall, I really love this product. It's really gentle on the skin and I'm satisfied with the result. I used it in the morning and before going to bed at night. Although, up to now I still have pimple marks and new little pimples I still used this. In all honesty, it's almost empty. I think until tomorrow na lang sya. I will definitely purchase one for myself. I do recommend this because it's a light toner. I believe you'll love this as much as I do. mwah!

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