October 23, 2016

Review: Le Pink Beautique Renewhite Set

This SET is life. You can actually buy them separately but I suggest buying the set. This Le Pink Beautique Renewhite Set is amazing. You'll see why. It consists of a toner, cream and a soap.
 Renewhite Toner retails for PhP 190.00 only. It is 100mL in volume. It is infused with fruity extracts and loads of Vitamins A,C,D and E which are all essential in making the skin healthier than before. It also has the best selling snail mucin and stem cell for a youthful glow. This product was on my morning and evening routine that's why I consumed it quickly. It had a sweet mild scent into it. It's really gentle on the skin.

Renewhite soap costs PhP 100.00 only. This soap is a great partner of the cream and the toner. This soap has an instant smooth effect on your skin. It is sweet smelling derived from berries in the farm, with lots of antioxidants, you can never go wrong with this one. Plus it has a stemcell that will make fine lines and wrinkles diminish and makes skin tighter

Renewhite Cream
 Renewhite Cream retails for PhP 220.00. It has snail mucin and a stem cell cream. It stimulates collagen and elastin which makes skin younger. It also reduces scar and brightens the face. It has an anti-aging and anti wrinkle ingredients. The ingredients are from Japan which is known to provide quality products. In my experience, this cream had been the most effective out of the three. I just leave it overnight, and tadah, the morning after my active pimples subside and they weren't red anymore.

I really like the gentleness on each product. Each has its own way of effectiveness and that's great. You can see on the photos below how the set managed to diminish and lighten my pimple marks. Not only that, but my active pimple marks were lessened. My skin became tighter and my pores were refined. It lightened my skin but not major whitening. I didn't experience any micropeeling which was a good thing cause I didn't want to over exfoliate my skin.
sorry for the lighting
 BTW, this set might had worked on me but it may or may not work on you.
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