November 15, 2016

KarenLiz Diary #1

Hello my dreamers,

 This is my first installment for KarenLiz Diary. It randomly popped in my mind that I felt I should create one. I promised myself that I will share some personal thoughts online as I want YOU to know me. Yes you who was curious to click the post. By the way, let me introduce myself. I am Karen Lizette D. Escobar, I am 25 yrs old. November is my birth month. Anyway, Im originally from Quezon City but now living here in Isabela. How that happened? My hubby(I actually don't know how to call it e cause we're not yet married but we're living together na)..Again, my hubby, Dennis, this is hometown. I'm glad my parents trusted me. Hindi niya ako tinanan. haha! So, yeah, I've been here for like 3 years already? This is so random talaga. I typed what's in my mind right now. hihi! I also kinda MIA on my youtube channel cause our house here is under renovation. That's it for today. loveyah!

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