November 06, 2016

Review: Daiso Auto Brow Pencil

 I love automatic brow pencils. When I'm just starting with makeup, my go to shop is Daiso because they offer affordable makeup items that are guaranteed not fake and definitely cheap. I don't know why I haven't reviewed this brow pencil even I kept repurchasing this one over and over.
What? I actually don't know the brand but I bought this at Daiso so I'll just call it Daiso Auto Brow Pencil in the shade brown
Price? PhP 88.00
Made in Korea (not in Japan lol)
This brow pencil is an automatic one. You don't need to sharpen. It is also dual ended because on the other end you have the spoolie/brush.

This product is very similar with Etude House drawing eyebrow. I even made a side by side photo before and uploaded it at TMUR and everyone went craycray over it and everyone bought this at Daiso. lol.
 So, seriously when you opened it up and twist the end to release the pencil. You'll say "yan lang un?" yes! It's just 88 pesos so don't expect too much.
sword type pencil
I really LOVE this product that's why I keep buying it. I always have an extra too. It's not too pigmented but not too light either. Just the right shade. It's easy to shape and fill in the brows when I used this and gives a natural effect. Not too drawing. There's also a dark brown shade. There are other Daiso brow pencils that I will buy soon for comparison.

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  1. This product looks promising! I haven't tried it pa. Sis when you go to Daiso again, get the 5 in 1 care massager, fave ko siya! Medjo mahirap siya hanapin kasi lagi sold out, fineature ko yon dito

    Joyce | Joycentricity


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