December 11, 2016

Review: EB Advance Blushing Cheeks

 Hello my dreamcatchers! Have you tried this product from Ever Bilena? This is from their second line which is the EB Advance and this is the Blushing Cheeks. It retails for PhP 90.00/20mL.
 When you buy this product, it has a neat looking box with crystal like designs. The product itself is housed in a small tube like a toothpaste that you have to squeeze out.
 The blush is semi liquid in form. I was shocked when I saw it's white and then just a few seconds it turned pink. Magical. haha. A little goes a long way. It's better to apply a little then just apply more if you're not yet satisfied.
I really like this whenever I'm lazy or I wanted a natural looking flush on my cheeks. My face looks like it got pinched (not punched ah). I really like the stain and it's long lasting as well. Plus duh!? It's so affordable. I do recommend this especially for students. Lakas makafresh and young!
No foundation just brows and blush. See how lazy I am! hihi
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