December 07, 2016

Review: Mischka Radiant Glow Elixir

 This product is from Mischka Derma Secret. This is Radiant Glow Elixir and this beauty oil retails for PhP 550.00/30mL. It claims to prevent acne and help you achieve brighter and youthful appearance.
It is housed in a small glass blue bottle with a dropper. Properly labeled too.

Builds and maintains the level of moisture in your skin in addition to providing a bright, clear glow to skin.
Best apply before bedtime. Leave it overnight.
Water, niacinamide, arbutin, plant derived hyluronic acid, jojoba oil, witch hazel(YAAAS!!!), glycerin
When you look at it, its just an ordinary beauty oil. Yet? It's quite pricey right?
A little goes along way. When I applied it on my face, it was not that greasy. After 2 to 3 mins, my skin absorbed it immediately(I guess) because when I touched my face it wasn't too oily anymore. It gives instant blooming and glow effect. I used and applied this not only at night time but also in the mornings. A hack I learned also is I can mix a drop of this oil to my foundation to have the flawless and radiant finish.
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