December 01, 2016

Review: Mischka Spray On Treatment

Hello everyone! You know that our hair is our crowning glory. Naturally, I have a thick black and straight hair but that ended when I started coloring my hair and everything and it damaged my hair. Now that my hair is recovering from that disaster I currently have medium length wavy hair and I always have to straighten or blow dry my hair so it doesn't look like a mess. Thankful for this product. I'll tell you more after this.
Spray On Treatment retails for PhP 220.00/120mL each bottle. It is housed in this sturdy spray bottle properly labeled. 
Product Details:
A leave on conditioner which helps the dry hair to feel wet, non sticky, maximum manageability and softness. This pleasant smelling spray protects hair from split ends.
Before & After
My thoughts:
I love this spray on treatment. It has a liquid consistency. I love how it smoothens and softens my hair that lasts up to 8 hours. Not bad. You can easily spray again. It's not really bag friendly as it is a big bottl(120ml) so if you want you can put some on a smaller spray on bottle. Not only that, it also smells nice. I really like that it is effective. If you're familiar with Clareal Repair Lotion - it's something like that but the difference is that hair treatment is sold at Divisoria and this one is made from natural ingredients and 100% safe.

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