December 03, 2016

Review: No Pain, Just Gain! Peeling Gel

Hello my dreamcatchers!This product is from Skin White Solutions and this is No Pain, Just Gain!Peeling Gel. It is a painless body peeling item.
Product Description:
Peeling the skin is the fastest solution to instantly whiten your skin. The No Pain, Just Gain Peeling Gel is a non harsh peeling gel you can easily use daily. It's so quick it peels the outer layer of the skin gently without the pain. It will definitely whiten your skin in your first application. As you continue to use it, the effect will be even more visible. No redness, no ugly peel, no sting, no pain, just gain. You just keep looking better and better.

Price: PhP 250.00/50mL

The peeling gel is so safe you can use it anytime of the day. Apply the peeling gel unto the skin; rub it continuously in circular motion, you will notice dead skin cells will start to come off. You may wipe or rinse skin with tissue to remove the peel.
The gel has a semi liquid form. Not totally gelly. There's like a crystallize looking particles inside the gel which helps sloughed off the dead skin cells.
Here I applied the peeling gel already
Massaging in circular motions
Can you see those tiny dirt aka "libag"
Look at the difference. My right knee vs left knee(applied the peeling gel)
First, it's really affordable. It is FDA approved. It is a local product. Most of all, it's effective. I really thought if I used this it would be a instense macro peeling but definitely NOT! It is a harmless way of peeling. I can even use this on a daily basis because it's safe. Once you tried this, you'll love this too. I love it when I massaging my skin with the peeling gel and it in instant result.. it removes "libag" or dead skin cells that leaves skin smooth like you applied a moisturizing lotion plus has a whitening effect too when continued use. I specifically use this on my knees, elbows, ingroins and UA. The scent is amazing too. It has a mild sweet aroma. That's why if I used this I just wiped it off with a tissue so that the scent is still there.

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