December 05, 2016

Review: Opulence Nutrawhite L-Glutathione + Boosters

Hello my dreamcatchers! This product from The Opulence Skin is a oral supplement. It is the Opulence Nutrawhite L-Glutathione + Boosters. It is a capsule form supplement and retails for PhP 850.00/30 capsules and PhP 1,500/60 capsules. It took me a long time to review this because I need to see results first before I post this.
Product Description:
Glutathione is known as the master antioxidant that will not only help achieve lighter and younger looking skin but also boost our immune system, helps us fight infections, and may aid in cancer prevention.
Improved immune function (resistance to infection and various pathogens, timely elimination of cancerous cells, proper regulation of immune response)
Improved energy levels
Improved mental focus
Improved physical strength and muscle function
Oral Glutathione (and topical Glutathione creams) are known to inhibit the synthesis of melanin (the pigment responsible for our skin and hair color), making the skin lighter
L-Glutathione (GSH) 500mg- occurs naturally in all human cells. GSH is a cofactor for dozens of enzymes involved in detoxification. As an antioxidant, it directly quenches several reactive oxygen species (free radicals). Numerous structures and functions in the body receive benefit from maintaining normal levels of glutathione, such as hepatic support, pulmonary health, immune function, bowel health, carbohydrate metabolism, cardiovascular health, cognitive health and eye health. 

Vitamin C 100mg- raises Glutathione by helping the body manufacture it

N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) 150mg- replenishes the body's glutathione levels by providing the rate-limiting substrate (cysteine) for glutathione synthesis

Vitamin E 100IU- recycles Glutathione and depend on it for proper function and recycling as well

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) 50mg- neutralizes several toxins including heavy metals lead and cadmium. It acts as a co-enzyme for recycling other antioxidants including Glutathione, Vitamin C and E.

Selenomethionine 200mcg- an important trace mineral and constituent of the antioxidant enzyme glutathione peroxidase, which is necessary for neutralizing the free radical, hydrogen peroxide, as well as as other lipid peroxides (oxidized fats)
Overall, I felt that I'm strong and didn't get affected with viruses even when the time almost all of them here at home has a flu and cough and colds. Aside from the immunity, I also noticed that my skin is radiant and has its own glow. My skin didn't look pale or dull. As for the whitening effect, to be honest, no obvious whitening occured. Not that I'm disappointed with that, I am glad that this supplement made me protected from possible sickness.

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  1. Hi Karen allergic ako sa ALA it cause me severe cystic acne. Do you know any gluta brand that doesn't contain ALA? Btw I really like your webpage, simple and laidback and promotes Filipino products 😃

    1. thank you! :) if you have severe cystic acne I do not recommend taking any oral gluta supplements at all. :)


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